2021 Review

Jan 17, 2022 | AI

As we emerge from a successful go-to-market year for the company, we enter 2022 on a mission to establish Quark.ai as the technology leader in Autonomous Customer Support for technology, manufacturing and other industrial enterprises.

We are pleased to say that we illustrated our technology leadership repeatedly in 2021. We are quickening the pace of both customer-acquisition and product development. And we are leveraging our core expertise in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to accelerate more and more enterprise customers’ migration to the market’s first Autonomous Customer Support platform. 

I am extremely proud of our team, that worked tirelessly in 2021 to bring us to this point. In quick succession in 2021, our company:

‣ Completed and announced roll-out of our Autonomous Customer Support Platform at Fortune 1000 high-tech customers.

‣ Completed and announced deployment of the platform at one of the U.S. federal government’s organizations.

‣ Deployed our platform to multiple additional large enterprise customers involved in manufacturing, technology and other industrial sectors.

‣ Launched the Quark.ai Autonomous Customer Support App on Salesforce AppExchange and the Zendesk Marketplace, ServiceNow, Atlassian, and Microsoft Dynamic offering hundreds of thousands of global customers the ability to interpret complex customer cases and automatically provide customer support resolutions with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

‣ Introduced our Quark.ai Autonomous Intelligent Bot that enables instant self-service resolutions for complex technical issues confronting industrial and technology enterprise customers. We believe that this chatbot is far-and-away the best solution to bring self-service resolutions to high tech and industrial customers.

‣ Introduced a unique Deep Learning based module that, for a given customer ticket identifies other similar tickets that may be written completely differently but talk about the same or similar topic. This enables an enterprise to provide quick resolutions to a ticket using previous similar support and engineering tickets. We see this as a significant value to customers, given that usually 25% – 40% of tickets in an enterprise can be duplicates.

‣ Closed the next institutional funding round, led by DNX Ventures, with participation from Fusion Fund, Tie Angels, TechLink Ventures and True Blue Partners.

‣ And over the course of the year, created a nimble, a lean organization built-for-scale at sustainable margins.

Stay tuned in 2022 for even more milestones.