Avoid loss of knowledge access and productivity in remote customer support teams with Quark.ai

Jun 4, 2020 | Autonomous Support, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Knowledge Management

As customer support teams work remotely, we hear so many times from customers that:

“When working remotely, our support team cannot just walk over to you and ask for help or advice. Especially when there’s a time zone difference.”

Remote work creates a knowledge gap; collaboration and knowledge transfer are not easy. And this is making it difficult to meet customer expectations.

Customer Support engineers spend more time searching for knowledge, resulting in loss of productivity

Agents spend more time searching for knowledge; productivity goes down. In fact, agents spend more than 28% time looking for knowledge and the right answer can only be found only 20% of the time. (Kolsky and [24]7 research; link)

Imagine the loss of agent productivity and the impact on customer experience!

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Reference: Estbiamn Kolsky and [24]7 research

Automation is the solution

The solution is automation in customer support to address the information knowledge gap.

To solve this problem it is more important than ever to automate; AI and Deep Learning can automatically guide you to the possible resolutions.

Collaboration and constant guidance are provided by the solution based on reference data.

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