B2B Commerce

Apr 28, 2022 | Customer Support, Customer Service

According to a recent study by Episerver, 98% of B2B eCommerce customers were discouraged from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect product information.

That’s a speed bump that needs to be flattened. 

Once B2B eCommerce buyers identify what they’re looking for, they want to quickly determine which products meet all their needs.

For example, they’ll search for
– Compatibility between products
– Environmental conditions
– Specific product features

And these steps require more than just a keyword search.

Customers want clarity, with the ability to ask questions in a natural language syntax – and then get instant answers. 

They want an interactive and intelligent chatbot that can guide them to the correct answers, rather than links to voluminous documents. 

They want real-time answers without needing to jump into a call or a chat with an agent. 

In short, they want to resolve their inquiries within the confines of self-service.

This requires a platform built from the ground up to combine AI/ML, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and computer vision (CV).

Do you agree?