HBR Analytics Services Survey, March 2020

Feb 1, 2022 | AI, Customer Service, CX

Delivering a high-quality, personalized, and seamless customer experience across all channels, business lines, and products ranks as important to the vast majority of organizations.

In the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey of 2020, 88% of the respondents answered that a great customer experience is “important” or “very important” to them.

And only 13% of respondents rate their organization as being “very effective” in delivering a personalized and seamless experience, showing that there’s room for improvement.

We see this issue and have made it our mission to fix it.

While Self-service is becoming the channel of choice for most companies, today’s chatbots are too restrictive and require predefined scripting to work. We need Intelligent Bots to supercharge self-service. Intelligent Bots that can tackle any query and guide the customer to a resolution, providing a high-quality, personalized, seamless, and cost-effective customer experience.

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