Limited staffing is impacting customer support organisations

Mar 8, 2021 | Customer Support, Autonomous Support, Customer Experience

Customer Support in the COVID era confronts two conflicting and seemingly irreconcilable trends.

The first trend is a pandemic-inspired downward pressure on budget and human resources — often to the point of layoffs.

The second is a mega-trend: the corresponding acceleration of digital transformation. Customer issues rush in digitally, while Customer Support organizations try to resolve them manually. More and more, Customer Support finds itself needing to do a lot more with less.

The answer is Quark. ai Autonomous Customer Support.

Quark. ai’s platform has been developed specifically to interpret customer issues and return resolutions instantly so they don’t need to spend hours reading documents.

The result is unrivaled efficiency and scalability in customer support, with lower escalations, higher CSAT and significant cost savings.

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