Quark.ai Autonomous Support Platform Brings Automation To Complex Workflows For Field Support

Nov 1, 2022 | News Tab, Press Release

San Jose, CA, October 31, 2022 – Quark.ai, the Autonomous Support Platform for Technical/Field Support and B2B e-Commerce, today introduced the Quark.ai Workflow Automator, a powerful module designed to power Field Support engineers with a self-service tool for rapidly resolving complex support-related workflow issues of industrial enterprises.

The Quark.ai Workflow Automator module enables unparalleled productivity improvement. A robust combination of Deep Learning, NLP and Computer Vision, it allows Field Support engineers to quickly and accurately troubleshoot issues in real time – whether at the customer’s site or remotely — with step-by-step instructions to help them identify and resolve complex issues. While troubleshooting, they can also ask Quark.ai detailed questions in natural English to see relevant sections of reference documents that have the answers. If Field Support engineers need help, they can also receive guidance from a back-office support staff who is also powered with Quark.ai’s tool.

“AI based workflows are critical for field support in telecommunication, heavy machinery, instrumentation and other industrial companies,” said Prosenjit Sen, Co-Founder and CEO of Quark.ai. “The Quark.ai Autonomous Support platform can optimize the resolution of customer issues by utilizing the Workflow Automator in combination with its companion Similar Tickets module. While companies often need to help Field Support engineers on-site, they frequently waste money by dispatching them when the issue doesn’t require it. Companies can solve this problem by additionally utilizing the Quark.ai Similar Tickets module, which can quickly identify other similar tickets from its historical tickets database. The Similar Tickets module illustrates previous actions taken in response to similar issues, enabling the company to maximize accuracy, speed and efficiency in resolving the new issue.”

The Quark.ai platform is designed to ensure that field support, back-office staff and the customers they serve have quick and easy access to the exact information, instantly with high accuracy – via self-service chatbot or a conversational search interface.

About Quark.ai

Quark.ai is the technology leader in Autonomous Customer Support and Autonomous B2B eCommerce Support. Quark.ai’s multi-channel platform combines Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to interpret complex customer cases and automatically provide resolutions at scale with unsurpassed accuracy and speed. The result is unrivaled efficiency and scalability in Customer Support, with lower escalations, higher Customer Satisfaction and significant cost savings. More information may be found at https://quark.ai.

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