Support agents continue to spend precious time researching problems

Jun 30, 2021 | Customer Experience, Autonomous Support, Customer Support, CX, technical support

Customer Support agents spend more than half of their time manually researching customer problems. And the problem is getting worse, especially for technology and industrial companies. The increasing complexity of products, combined with the fragmented expansion of product information documents, has greatly outpaced Customer Support’s adoption of Unified Search and other automated functionalities.

The result is that Customer Support is actually becoming more and more manual — with all the inefficiency, cost, and low CSAT that comes with it.

To reverse this regression, organizations need to deploy an integrated platform of AI/ML, deep learning, and computer vision across the Customer Support tech stack. Their customers are demanding it.

“High complexity” share of product mix, 2003-21:  42% to 76%
Unified Search adoption, 2015-2020: 26% to 40%
Customer Support time spent on research, etc., 2015-20: 48% to 52%

— Technology & Services Industry Association. May 2021.

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