When a support agent can’t resolve a case, it goes into a spiral of escalations, team collab or coaching

Sep 19, 2021 | Autonomous Support, Customer Service, Customer Support, CX

When a support agent is not able to resolve a case, the usual path is to escalate to the next tier of support, or send it to a different solution team or send it to one of the “expert coaches”. 

This method increases the time it takes to resolve the customer issue resulting in frustration for the support team as well as for customer teams.

With an Autonomous Customer Support system, new support cases are resolved faster at the point of the first contact which drastically reduces the need for escalations and re-routing.


About Quark. ai Autonomous Customer Support:
Quark. ai interprets customer issues and returns resolutions instantly so customer support agents don’t need to spend hours reading documents. The results are drastically reduced support delivery costs and dramatically improved customer experience.