Why Self-Service is Great for Your Business

Jan 8, 2022 | Customer Service


There is a compelling need for top-notch customer service. Imagine if you answered every email in minutes, or in the case of inbound phone calls, your customer service team was able to immediately take care of any issues. Well, guess what? You can do just that with the right self-service solution. Self-service solutions can be used on your website so customers can instantly find answers to common and uncommon questions themselves, or with some solutions, customers can also review their history of exchanges and view recommendations to other solutions/products that they may want to consider.

What is Self-Service

Welcome to the age of Do It Yourself (DIY). Whatever business you’re in, your customers are more apt to go find the answers to questions themselves than wait on hold for a service agent to help them. Customers love self-service, and as well as businesses that embrace it. According to the Salesforce “State of the Connected Customer”, 71% of business customers say self-service availability impacts their loyalty. Self-service means offering customers tools and information so they can find answers to their questions and have a better experience with a product or service. From basic order-tracking pages to sophisticated AI-powered chatbots that can guide customers to the information they need, digital self-service is proving a cost-effective way to deliver faster customer support, cheaper.

The benefits of self-service include:

  • boosted customer satisfaction and enhanced customer experience,
  • reduced service cost, 
  • increased efficiency & productivity, 
  • and helping customers easily move through a buying process, especially as it relates to getting the right information.

How to maximize your customer service experience with self-service

first, make it easy to find the right information. Once your customers find their way to your self-service portal, make sure that the self-service portal is easy to use. Thanks to Google, Amazon, and others, people have the expectation that it shouldn’t be hard to find information. Therefore, your customer self-service portal should include an easy-to-use field where customers can write in their inquiries and get answers. But the key is to provide actual answers, and not links to documents where they must do extensive reading, because if not, customers get frustrated by digging through the results provided by search solutions. Customers don’t want to wade through hundreds of pages looking for an answer. They’re demanding and they want answers fast.

Second, keep your content up to date, meaning that the content on your self-service support site is never really finished. You need to continuously improve your knowledge base to make sure your self-service portal is working as hard as it can for your customers. This is not always easy and requires more of an automated process to load new content, add updated revisions, and continually keep the cycle going. It is important for customers looking for a solution, they can access helpful and relevant content and not material for an outdated product/solution.

Lastly, make sure that your self-service offers everything your customer service does. Such as, when possible, providing a history of the customer’s transactions and any other relevant information to their account.

Why do we need Self-Service?

Self-service is great for businesses for many reasons, but the two that stand out the most are centered time and efficacy.

Meet the customers’ needs quickly – Today’s economy regards time as an even more valuable commodity. The “need for speed” is consistent across all of the interaction channels. The answer lies in not investing in additional staff, but in concentrating on a centralized self-service solution. Since customers are, most of the time, better judges of what they want at the moment, this allows for a more streamlined process.

Better efficiency and satisfaction scores – Self-service is assisting the customers in solving their inquiries on their own. With this, the support agents are only left with complex issues that require their assistance. They do not have to repeatedly answer the same or similar questions. This helps boost efficiency and ultimately reduce operational costs. Customers get their issues resolved quickly, improving their satisfaction, and increasing the CSAT for the organizations. Higher CSAT scores drive loyalty and futures transactions, while also creating ambassadors for your organizations, opening the door to referred customers.


Self-service solutions that help customers get the information they need, are a benefit to the efficiency of your business. It also has the ability to give your customers what they want by giving them more control over their experience. This is a great opportunity for you to offer an easier service, continue to keep existing customers satisfied, and gain a new set of satisfied customers.