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Prosenjit Sen and Sylvia Acevedo Discuss AI's Potential with TelecomReseller's CEO, Prosenjit Sen, and Board Member, Sylvia Acevedo, recently spoke with Doug Green of TelecomReseller about the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Generative AI in Action,, EPI-USE, Podcast CEO, Prosenjit Sen discusses how our Generative AI solution provides instant answers to user queries, with the resource documentation, from any file type, and without hallucinations.

A Deep Dive into Generative AI CEO, Prosenjit Sen, was a featured speaker at this event hosted by DNX at the Plug and Play Tech Center. CEO's Conversation with Chris Lennon of Ross Video

Prosenjit Sen sat down with Chris Lennon at the National Association of Broadcasters Show to discuss how Generative AI is likely to impact media.

Bring Automation to Technical and Field Support with the latest AI Advancements - & Tsia

Learn how's industry-leading Deep Learning NLP helps to increase support productivity at scale and develop a superior customer experience. Listen in on CEO, Prosenjit Sen's conversation with the Sr. Director of a large Cloud Software company where they discussed how Quark helped the company provide their customers with a multi-channel self-service system and empowered their support staff with instant answers to support cases, directly from their reference documents.

Zero-Time Support – A Utopia or Within Reach?

Take this opportunity to get ahead of your markets, by gaining insights into the challenges facing enterprises as their content volumes explode, providing a serving pace that is both continuous and fast, and lastly, managing elevated customer support expectations and employee knowledge gaps, that have become more pronounced as we come out of the pandemic.

Instant Resolution to Customer Support Issues: No More Hours of Document Search

We had an amazing Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) event, with many attendees coming to our booth and many more attending our breakout speaking session. The session was delivered by’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Prosenjit Sen.

Intro To Quark

The largely manual process of Customer Support is inefficient, time-consuming, expensive and frustrating – often resulting in low CSAT. The situation deteriorates even more as the company adds customers — and customer inquiries. provides Autonomous Customer Support – eliminating hours of document reviews and improving Customer Support productivity.

Unlock The Value is using Automated Customer Support to unlock substantial value across the technology stack with functionalities like Auto Response, Auto Action and Auto Documentation. When the customer submits a case, is triggered automatically to interpret the case and pull up resolutions from reference documents. If a resolution has a high confidence score, automatically responds to the customer (Auto Response) or takes corrective action (Auto Action) based on the content of the resolution.

Case Study

Automation quickly brings substantial improvement in productivity. One Quark ai Fortune 1000 customer reports 35% improvement in Customer Service productivity.

How Quark Works

From data ingestion to case resolution, the Autonomous Customer Support platform uses automation to drive prompt, accurate and complete resolution to customer issues.

John Intro

A TSIA survey asserts that 76 products are considered highly complex. More than half a Customer Support agent’s time is spent identifying the problem — and then researching it. Automation in Customer Support is not just a solution. It is a requirement.

DNX B2B Summit

One of the largest areas facing transformation today is Customer Support and Customer Success. At the 2021 B2B Summit, Prosenjit Sen shares how is automating tech support in an unprecedented way.