Automating the Customer
Support Lifecycle.

Quark.AI’s revolutionary Autonomous Support
platform harnesses the power of Artificial
Intelligence to deliver fast, efficient technical,
field and sales support.

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The Challenge with the Customer Support

We all know the problem. When customers contact your support center, they often are short of time, and are in dire need of a resolution. Your company’s reputation and the lifetime value of that customer hangs in the balance of how quickly you can respond and resolve their issue.

Yet, today’s products and services are more complex than ever and customer support professionals are resource constrained. With petabytes of structured technical documentation in DB/XML/CSV and unstructured documents in HTML/PDF files, customer support professionals often fail to quickly find the answers that customers want. Given the complexity of the issues, technologies like “search” are not enough. is an autonomous support platform that solves this problem with automation. It connects the customer issues with the solution, fast. With, technical support, field support or sales support professionals eliminate hours of searching and reading documents, and instead can deliver immediate answers. Leveraging the latest Deep Learning, NLP and Computer Vision technologies, interprets the customers issues/questions to provide real-time answers, dramatically shrinking the time-to-resolution gap, and ensuring customer delight. can be leveraged to provide customers with next generation self-service via chatbot, voicebot and auto response to email and support tickets. optimizes the customer support lifecycle by delivering the right information at the right time, empowering customers, as well as sales and technical support professionals to solve customer problems fast.

traditional support support with Quark
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Powering the Support Lifecycle with Instant Answers’s autonomous support platform delivers the industry’s first intelligent data ingestion system, with connectors to get and ingest all relevant data for your use case – structured data in RDB, XML, Excel and unstructured data in PDF, HTML, Word, PPT and more. Once ingested, the Answer Engine delivers instant answers from the reference document(s) – no need to search and read documents one by one anymore. is integrated with SFDC, ZenDesk, Atlassian and other enterprise support platforms – for self-service and support employee assistance. You can use to power the complete support needs of your organization:

Technical suppport

Technical Support

When your customer has an issue they can go to your support portal to use the powered conversational search or chatbot for rapid answers. Next, if they decide to submit a support ticket, can deflect them by showing them answers in real-time as they are typing, thereby reducing the number of tickets created.

For tickets created in your SFDC, ServiceNow, Genesys, or Zendesk, when your support engineers open it in their dashboard, the app for that platform interprets the ticket to automatically pull up relevant solutions from reference documents. This drastically increases their productivity and also enables you to process more tickets with less staff.

Field support

Field Support

Field Support technicians can use self-service (chat, voice) to get instant answers to issues when they are out at the customer’s site.’s Answer Engine includes Workflow Automation technology that powers chatbots and voicebots on the technician's mobile device to help them solve issues rapidly, by themselves without the help of back office support.

sales support

Sales Support

Sales and customer success employees need accurate information on the customer’s product requirements, features, pricing, promotions, inventory, warranty and more. Additionally, to fill up RFPs they often need to hunt through stacks of previous RFPs, contracts, data sheets, support history and other literature, today an error prone and laborious process. Oftentimes, a separate department may be needed to help them. can empower them with the right information to help close the sale.

Digital Commerce Sales Support

Digital Commerce Sales Support

As B2B online commerce experiences explosive growth, with businesses from high tech to industrial parts increasingly selling online, product discovery remains a big challenge. Customers on your site need to find the right SKUs, from maybe millions, that meet their specs based on attribute values, value ranges, price ranges etc. They also need information on features, compatible parts, replacement parts, pricing, inventory, warranty, compliance, order status and more. Power your site with’s next generation chatbot or conversational search tool where customers specify their needs in natural language to get instant answers – driving sales and skyrocketing customer loyalty.

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Highest Accuracy at the Lowest Cost of Ownership is a Turnkey SaaS platform developed using Deep Learning, NLP and Computer Vision. It is designed to solve the support needs for your enterprise, without having to custom train the ML models for each use case, thereby enabling you to test the accuracy and power of the system rapidly in weeks, at low cost. This is fundamentally different from the traditional AI/ML business models.

Automated ticket interpretation to provide answers: interprets complex support tickets automatically to pull up answers from reference documents, along with hot links to the right sections in the documents.
It also has specialized AI/ML technology to find similar tickets from your historical ticket database, even if the tickets are written completely differently. This technology can be used to help your support staff resolve issues based on resolutions of similar tickets, smart ticket routing, grouping tickets based on similarity by topic and more.

No Data Tagging: supports unstructured data, structured data as well as data from real-time applications – in response to a query, it combines data from multiple data sources to provide the answers.
There is no need to tag or modify any of your reference docs/ data, thereby drastically reducing the cost of ownership compared to “search-” based” products.

Multi-channel automation: can provide you with a 360 degree support solution, including self-service over chat, voice, and email. also includes apps for SFDC, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Gensys and more – these apps blend into your support engineers dashboards to pull up answers automatically to resolve customer issues.

Security: is an ISO 27001 certified company. Our platform is hosted in AWS and GCP SOC1/SOC2 facilities. We have all the policies in place to adapt to your data privacy needs.

Rapid ROI: Test how AI/ML can bring efficiency, understand your needs and get ROI in less than 6 months

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