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The Conundrum of Customer Support

Whether you are a High Tech, Industrial, Medical, Biotech, or any other enterprise, your customers rely on your products for business continuity, so anytime there is an issue they need immediate resolutions.

With COVID-19, providing top tier support has become even more critical.

But with complex products, the velocity of product releases, fragmented reference data, and now a remote workforce – Customer Support has become a challenging and time-consuming process with inefficiencies throughout its lifecycle.

Inadequate Tools for Support Engineers

To resolve an issue, support engineers need to first interpret the issue described in the support case, then find the resolutions from the reference documents – datasheets, manuals, user guides, KBs, spreadsheets, and more.  They perform searches, read the documents returned, then search again.  Given the low accuracy of search, this often takes hours of research and can still fail if the right documentation is not available.

Inability to Detect Similar Issues

Our early estimates indicate that duplicates account for 25% to 40% of customer issues but go undetected as they are written differently by different customers.

Ineffective Self Service

For many common issues, customers would like to ask the question and get the answers directly. But instead, they have to wade through a list of documents, some of these are not even relevant, to find the resolutions.  This is a recipe for customer frustration. 

Introducing Quark.ai

Quark.ai is an Autonomous Support platform that interprets customer support cases (describing the issues) to automatically provide resolutions from Reference Documents.

Quark.ai’s AI/ML engine can interpret a support case (including the subject and detailed description), natural language query, or keyword string to provide the resolutions (answer segments) so you no longer need to search, read documents, search again…

This enables support engineers, customers, and field support engineers to get instant resolutions, skyrocketing productivity, and increase CSAT.

Unsurpassed Accuracy, Speed, and Scale To Enterprise Customer Responsiveness

High Accuracy

Quark.ai delivers high accuracy and speed even for complex product support, resulting in higher CSAT and significantly lower costs.

No Training Needed

Quark.ai’s Deep Learning models do not require any additional training, enabling us to onboard new customers in a matter of weeks.


Eliminate hours of support engineers’ time by automatically responding to a case or by taking corrective action.


Powers all your support channels – case management system, support portal, chat, voice, and email.

Why Quark.ai?

Skyrocket Productivity, Reduce Support Costs and Increase CSAT

Quark.ai enables customer resolutions promptly and accurately, whether through superior self-service, auto-response, or improved support-engineer efficiency.

Automation Across the Support Tech Stack

With support for industry-leading platforms like Atlassian, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, Quark.ai complements your existing customer support technologies and drives higher ROI on your investments.

About Us

Quark.ai was started by Prosenjit Sen and Sanjeev Kumar, both serial entrepreneurs.

When they first came together Sanjeev was working on solving enterprise problems using Deep NLP, while Prosenjit was doing similar work by applying Computer Vision – they started Quark.ai to come up with a next-generation platform that could solve complex enterprise problems with high accuracy, quickly, and at the lowest cost.

Our team

Prosenjit Sen

Co-founder and CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur – 2 successful exits
  • Employee # 5, founding team of Informatica
  • Mentor- CEO coach – Judge at Alchemist Accelerator
  • Mentor – Bay Area IIT Startups
  • Co-author: RFID for Energy and Utilities (Pennwell Bestseller)
  • B. Tech IIT Kharagpur

Sanjeev Kumar

Co-founder and CTO

  • Serial entrepreneur – 1 exit
  • VP Technology & Innovation – Atypon System – acquired by Wiley
  • Core scientist DARPA project from where Siri was spun off
  • 50 US patents
  • Reviewer in Computational Linguistics industrial tracks
  • Cisco
  • Ph.D. in AI, B. Tech IIT Kanpur


Abhijeet Khadilkar

Abhijeet Khadilkar

Danis Yadegar

Mark Grandcolas

Nitin Vaish

Prabal Acharyya