Transform Customer Support with Generative AI 2.0 is a platform that Generates Answers you can Trust – accurate answers with 100% traceability to relevant paragraphs in documents. Transform technical, field and sales support with Gen AI to skyrocket productivity and increase customer loyalty.


Business Needs Generative AI. Generative AI Needs Quark.

We all know the problem. When customers contact your support center, they often are short of time, and are in dire need of a resolution. Your company’s reputation and the lifetime value of that customer hangs in the balance of how quickly you can respond and resolve their issue.

Products and services are more complex than ever, while every customer support organization is resource constrained. With terabytes of technical documentation in structured DB/XML/CSV and unstructured HTML/PDF/Word files, customer support professionals often fail to quickly find the answers that customers want. Self-service, while it would be ideal, is also not very effective. Given the complexity and urgency of the issues, technologies like “search” are not enough.

What does it do?’s Autonomous Support is a pre-trained purpose-built Generative AI platform for that uses LLM, NLP, and Computer Vision technologies to ensure the output of Generative AI queries are accurate and trustworthy. The platform interprets support inquiries, include support tickets, to generate well-formed answers with the answer sources, ie., the exact paragraphs of the reference documents that were used to generate the answer.

You can leverage to give your technical support, field support or sales support staff a tool that eliminates hours of searching and reading documents, but instead delivers immediate answers leveraging the power of Generative AI. can also be leveraged to provide customers with next generation self-service via chatbot, voicebot and even auto response to email and support tickets.

With Quark, organizations can optimize the customer support lifecycle by delivering the right information at the right time, empowering customers, as well as sales and technical support professionals to resolve the customer’s issues fast.

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Leveraging Generative AI Across the Support Lifecycle

Use the power of generative AI throughout the support lifecycle. Provide instant answers to customers, tech support, field support and sale support staff to bring efficiency, increased customer loyalty and have happy employees.

Technical suppport

Technical Support

When your customer has an issue, they can go to your support portal to use the powered Generative AI based self-service including search or chatbot for rapid answers. Next, if they decide to submit a support ticket, can deflect them by showing them answers in real-time as they are typing, thereby reducing the number of tickets created.

For tickets created in your SFDC, ServiceNow, Genesys, or Zendesk, when your support engineers open it in their dashboard, the app for that platform interprets the ticket to automatically generate answers, along with the specific sections from the reference documents that were used in the generationThis drastically increases their productivity and also enables you to process more tickets with less staff.

Digital Commerce Sales Support

Digital Commerce Sales Support

As B2B online commerce experiences explosive growth, with businesses from high tech to industrial parts increasingly selling online, product discovery remains a big challenge.

Customers on your site need to find the right SKUs, from maybe millions, that meet their specs based on attribute values, value ranges, price ranges etc. They also need information on features, compatible parts, replacement parts, pricing, inventory, warranty, compliance, order status and more. With Generative AI and’s unique ability to handle structured, unstructured and real-time application data in generating answers, you can provide your customers with all the necessary information they need to make purchasing decisions on the spot, via a chatbot or conversational search. The result is drastic increase in conversion and skyrocketing customer loyalty.

Field support

Field Support

Field Support technicians can use Generative AI to get instant answers to issues when they are out at the customer’s site.’s Generative AI platform also includes Workflow Automation technology to help the support person easily walk through workflow steps to resolve issues. You can provide this technology on their mobile device via chatbot or even voice bot.

sales support

Sales Support

Sales and customer success employees need accurate product information (based on the customer’s specific specs), features, pricing, promotions, inventory, warranty and more. They need to know how to effectively upsell, based on the customers purchase history and upcoming needs.

Sales staff often need to fill out RFPs and refer to contracts. can help provide a competitive edge and efficiency with instant answers and even automation to different support use cases. The result is increased sales.

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Generative AI Platform for Customer Support

Highest Accuracy Answers at the Lowest Cost of Ownership is a turnkey Pre-trained Generative AI platform developed using LLM, NLP and Computer Vision. It is designed to solve the customer support needs for your enterprise, without having to custom train the LLMs (AI models) for each customer, thus enabling you to test the accuracy and power of the system rapidly in weeks, at a low cost. Generative AI can become very expensive, not just for training but also at runtime, based on how it is used.

Since is a pure AI/ML platform specializing in enterprise customer support, we have unique IP for runtime – where given a query we generate the answers using finetuned prompts that have just the right content from your reference documentation needed to form a high-quality answer. This reduces the cost of Generative AI implementations drastically, while giving you high accuracy, complete traceability of the answer to its sources, and no hallucination.

Quark engine

Multi-channel: can provide you with a 360 degree support solution, including self-service over chat, voice, and email. also includes apps for SFDC, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Genesys and more – these apps blend into your support engineers dashboards to pull up answers automatically to resolve customer issues.

User query: you can input a complete support ticket, a support email, natural language sentence or keywords as input to our AI engine. can even interpret complex support tickets and emails to automatically pull up answers from reference documents, drastically increasing the productivity of your support staff.

Reference documentation: your reference documentation can be unstructured documents in PDF, HTML, Word, PPT, videos and more. You can also have data in RDB and XML.

No Need for Tagging: There is no need to tag or modify any of your reference docs/data, thereby drastically reducing the cost of ownership compared to “search” products.

Business Intelligence: The platform includes extensive BI and analytics to provide visibility into your support processes. Have instant visibility into queries, the quality of answers, traceability and more per support channel, as well as get reports on missing documentation.

Security: is an ISO 27001 certified company. Our platform is hosted in AWS and GCP SOC1/SOC2 facilities. We have all the policies in place to adapt to your data privacy needs. Open API: This is a REST API interface to integrate with your custom applications and interfaces.

Use to rapidly try out specific use cases, understand how to get ROI and, scale across multiple channels. It is a specialized platform for customer support automation – technical support, field support and sales support.