The Challenges of Customer Support

Technology and Industrial products have become nothing less than mission critical to business continuity. As a result, when customers have issues they need immediate resolutions.

But resolving these issues often becomes challenging and time consuming. With complex products, velocity of releases and fragmented but everchanging reference data, finding the right resolutions equipped with only a search tool is often like finding a needle buried in a haystack.

Pain points are common throughout Customer Support: poor support engineer productivity, poor self- service and, an inability to detect duplicate issues that account for as much as 40% of resolutions. Mis-categorized, missing and inadequate documents are also rampant. The result is low CSAT, frustrated customer support engineers and unhappy customers.

Low SE Productivity

Poor Self-Service

Can Not Detect Duplicates

Poor Documentation Autonomous Customer Support

Today in high-tech and industrial companies, support engineers spend most of their time identifying a failing component and researching how to resolve a support case submitted by a customer stymied by self-service. With complex products, the velocity of releases, and fragmented reference data, finding the correct resolution equipped with only “search” is like finding a needle in a haystack. Similarly, call centers are overwhelmed by increasing call volumes and ever-lengthening wait times as support agents struggle to resolve an end customer’s query. is an autonomous support platform that solves these problems with automation. combines deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision to interpret complex support cases and automatically return resolutions from reference documents to the customer or support engineer. The result is skyrocketing support productivity and increasing CSAT and ESAT, far beyond what is achievable with a traditional knowledge management program.

Speedy Resolutions at Every Stage of the Support Journey speeds resolutions at every stage of the customer-support journey: from self-service to deflection during case creation to auto-response to support-engineer assistance. And it’s not just for technical support. Easily integrated in a company’s existing business processes, the platform is extensible across the enterprise to other departments, including pre-sales, post-sales, customer success, product management, and training. Platform: Unsurpassed Accuracy, Speed, and Scale To Enterprise Customer Responsiveness

Returns Resolutions Not Documents interprets customer support cases (with subject and description), Natural Language Questions, or Keyword Search Strings to provide Resolutions (Answers) from Reference Documents. No need to spend hours reading documents.

High Accuracy and Speed’s unique IP provides high accuracy and speed with commodity GPUs combining Deep Learning, classical NLP, and Computer Vision, resulting in the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

No Additional Training Needed’s Deep Learning models have been trained extensively with millions of datasets. As a result, we can onboard a customer with no additional training in under a month.

Reference Documents

You can ingest structured and unstructured documents comprising of manuals, datasheets, product guides, KBs, spreadsheets, and more. Supports HTML, XML, text, PDF, Excel, database tables, and more.

Auto Response

Eliminate hours of support engineers’ time by automatically responding to a case or by taking corrective action, leading to high CSAT and significant saving.


Powers all your support channels – case management system, support portal, chat, voice, and email.

Resolves Documentation Issues

Helps create KB articles rapidly with high accuracy. Additionally, includes features to detect wrongly classified documents, missing documents, and even inadequate documentation.

Detects Similar Cases Automatically’s unique IP can detect duplicate or related cases, even if worded very differently. This capability can be used for Auto Escalation, Detecting Problem Areas in Products, Advanced Case Routing, and more.

Customer Benefits: Reduce Support Costs and Increase CSAT

Use to provide efficiency at every stage of the support lifecycle. Make customers happy with terrific Self-Service, increase deflection on your support portal, skyrocket the productivity of support engineers and, automatically respond to customer issues. And, help customers create high quality documentation and detect documentation and product issues rapidly.

For more information on how can help you reduce support costs, provide efficiency in your support processes and increase CSAT, please email us at

Skyrocket Support Engineer Productivity

Provide Superior Self Service

Detect & Resolve Documentation Issues

Automation Across the Support Tech Stack

With support for industry-leading platforms like Atlassian, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, complements your existing customer support technologies and drives higher ROI on your investments.

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